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Gouache Eco

gouache-2370.120-edited2.pngThe GOUACHE ECO range comprises of a selection of 18 colours including 4 fluos. Manufactured entirely in Switzerland for art teaching in schools and artistic practice at home, this ready-to-use gouache contains more than 80% natural ingredients (except fluo colors).

Its ultra-bright colours, which take on a matt, opaque appearance when dry, boast excellent covering properties. The GOUACHE ECO from Caran D’Ache therefore ensures economical use (500ml = 2.5L). Sold in a new plastic container which is 30% lighter, it is an environmentally-friendly concentration of colour for quality teaching.

The bottle of Caran D’Ache gouache is a genuine concentration of colour boasting a broad spectrum of applications ranging from an opaque colour offering excellent cover to watercolours. Economical to use, the 500ml in the container provides up to 2.5L of paint when diluted.


  • Ready-to-use paint, water-soluble
  • 18 ultra bright colours that can be mixed with one another to create new shades
  • Intense matt and opaque appearance when dry (minimal bleaching when drying)
  • Thick, smooth texture, easy to apply
  • High pigment concentration and good covering properties for economic use; even when heavily diluted (x5), the intensity of the colours is retained
  • Very good light fastness (except fluo colours)
  • Adherence to various materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, salt dough, etc.
  • Easy to wash off hands using soapy water and to clean off floors and tables
  • Ideal for art teaching, learning mixing techniques and creative pastimes for anyone aged 5 or over in total freedom, as well as for all manual activities and creation in small groups at school or at home
Sale Price
  • Gouache Eco 500ml Yellow Primary | 2373.240

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Cyan Primary | 2373.170

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Magenta Primary | 2373.090

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Lemon Yellow Fluo | 2371.240

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Yellow Green Fluo | 2371.230

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Purple Fluo | 2371.090

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Orange Fluo | 2371.030

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Bright Green | 2370.720

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Emerald Green | 2370.210

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Ultramarine | 2370.140

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Violet | 2370.120

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Carmine | 2370.080

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Scarlet | 2370.070

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Burnt Sienna | 2370.069

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Ochre | 2370.035

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Orange | 2370.030

  • Gouache Eco 500ml Black | 2370.009

  • Gouache Eco 500ml White | 2370.001

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