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Watercolour Splash BackgroundMoleskine sought to bring life back to the notebook, reproducing the type of legendary notebooks used by artists and intellectuals over the past two centuries. These notebooks contained invaluable sketches, notes, stories and ideas on all of their pages. Moleskine have sought to rediscover and renew the notebook so that they can one again be used as a creative tool.

Today, Moleskine produces a variety of products ranging from notebooks, diaries, journals and writing instruments that are a trusted and handy travel companion to many. They are the partners for the creative and imaginative professions of today, identifying us wherever we are in the world.

Moleskine creates and produces their range of products with careful and attentive vision so that each and every product can be made with the best quality. As a result of this, Moleskine has become a brand that produces quality products, synonymous with culture, travel, imagination, memory and personal identity.

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