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Keramiplast Modelling Clay


Product Description

1kg, air-drying, comes in air-tight PE foil

Keramiplast is a ready-to-use modelling clay made out of kaolin (china clay), barite (BaSO4), cellulose, fibres, high quality adhesives (binding agents) and water which irreversibly hardens in the air by virtue of the water evaporating.

This odourless and very ductile material can be used for all kinds of modelling work because like very fine clay it is really easy to work with: after removing the required amount of dough Keramiplast should be kneaded with moistened hands a while and then shaped as desired. Keramiplast will stick to almost every kind of material. For larger objects a framework out of WIRE MESH should be incorporated into the piece. Singly made or broken off parts can be glued in place by means of moistening the juncture area with somewhat moistened material. In the same manner cracks can be covered over. During drying Keramiplast shrinks about 5&#37 and has after hardening a very smooth surface. When hardened this material can be sanded and polished drilled sawn and painted with POSTER PAINT ACRYLIC PAINT or VARNISH.

Keramiplast is not hazardous to your health but is not suitable for use by children under three years old. When used properly Keramiplast is not only suitable for use by older children but is also used for making planning models (undetailed) in architectural and design model making or sculptural studies by artists.


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