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Due to Covid, Australian Post have stopped pick up in NSW.
Australian Post workers will resume work again on Wednesday 8th September

Sorry for your delay with orders


Electrical Equipment

We offer electrical equipments - from projectors for budding artists to air compressors and light boxes for professional applications.  

  • Sparmax 2.5L Holding Tank AT-250A

  • Sparmax 5.5L Holding Tank DC-630

  • Sparmax Twin Cylinder AC-2000ARC

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder TC-500SR

  • Sparmax Twin Cylinder AC-2000AR

  • Art Logic Mini Air Compressor, Twin Cylinder on Tank AC2418

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder TC-501ARC

  • Florence Lightbox A2 2 X 20W/6500K Fluoro Tube with Lead

  • Artograph Projector Tracer

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder TC-501AR

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder TC-501A

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder TC-501S Mini

  • Florence Lightbox A3 1 X 20W/6500K Fluoro Tube with Lead

  • Art Logic Mini Air Compressor with Tank AC1418

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder AC-27 Mini

  • Sparmax Single Cylinder AC-55 Baby

  • Art Logic Mini Air Compressor AC1318

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